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There is no better source for quality certified aircraft appraisals. We boast more than 15 years of experience in appraisals and consulting services for banks, lenders, and buyers alike. We are also proud members of the National Aircraft Appraisers Association and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Questions & Answers

1. Are you planning on selling your aircraft?
A certified appraisal should reduce the time needed to sell your aircraft by as much as 50%. An appraisal will also ensure that you are not underpricing your aircraft.

2. Are you looking to purchase a particular aircraft?
A certified appraisal will determine the true market value of that aircraft to ensure that you don't overpay. It may just save you thousands upon thousands of dollars.

3. Are you paying excessive tax assessments, capital gains, or other taxes on your aircraft or fleet?
A certified appraisal helps you verify the true depreciation of your aircraft. Having an appraisal performed annually to determine depreciation may prevent excessive and unnecessary tax charges.

4. Have you recently modified or upgraded your airplane? Do you want to know the impact of those modifications or upgrades on the overall value of your aircraft?
A certified appraisal can assess any change in value due to new modifications and upgrades.

5. Has your aircraft been damaged from fire, hail, wind, or other disasters?
A certified appraisal can verify damage claims and give you the value of the aircraft in its current state.

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