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KS Aircraft Associates provides customers with detailed aircraft/helicopter/homebuilt appraisals that include the airframe, engines, props, instrumentation, avionics, and all relative systems, as well as a review of aircraft documentation, log books, etc.

You can always contact us for more information . We are also happy to field any questions regarding our services and the parts we stock for military or commercial aviation.

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About KS Aircraft Associates

KS Aircraft Associates has established itself as a diversified commercial and Military Aircraft Spare Parts supplier. Domestically and abroad KS Aircraft Associates does more than supply commercial/military aircraft and helicopter parts. We also provide consulting services, inventory auditing and appraising services, as well aircraft appraisals for aircraft, helicopters, homebuilts, and experimentals for those looking to buy, sell, or trade aircraft worldwide. Currently, we stock about 5,000 line items, in many conditions. Parts include New, New Surplus, Overhauled, Serviceable, and As Removed parts. All parts with our Certificate of Conformance. Our clients have a great relationships with our staff members, and keep returning to us time after time. If you want professional work with simplified paperwork, we are the team for you. We stay true to quotes and documentation, and appraise anything that is aviation related. Since opening in 2002, clients have appreciated our flexibility as we are willing to travel extensively for large and small aircraft around the world.

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